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Integrated Pest Management

‚ÄčMoisture and Ventilation Control

Oftentimes the conditions that are conducive to aiding pest and termite infestations can exist in your home or business without you being fully aware of them.

Excessive moisture can be a primary factor in promoting a thriving pest and termite population.

Coastal Exterminating can come to your home or business and take accurate readings of the moisture levels that are present to properly assess what measures should be taken next. We can introduce various moisture control products and exclusion services to solve your problem quickly.

  • Moisture Barriers
  • Provide Accurate Moisture Readings

Ventilation systems are usually the driving force behind creating these conditions of moisture that attract the populations of pests and termites.

Coastal Exterminating can install the products necessary to prevent such conditions from creating fertile breeding grounds for termite populations. Through the use of Temp-Vent products we can reduce moisture in these warm, moist, dead air environments.

  • Temp Vents
  • Crawl Space/Access Doors


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